In conjunction with @AceAndJig and @takingbackblackfriday we are planning a Taking Back Black Friday Ace and Jig swap event from 6:00-8:00pm on Sunday November 26th at Task in the Beaches!

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the #1 most impactful thing we can do is increase the lifespan of our garments...and one way of doing this is swapping. Ace and Jig are devoting this coming Black Friday weekend to holding swaps all over the US, Canada, and globally. It's a perfect opportunity to get together with #aceandjigfriends (or meet some new ones) and bring clean gently-used pieces you love but no longer wear to trade for a beautiful new-to-you piece!

We're not sure how many Ace + Jiggers there are in Toronto so we'd love to know who you are and if you're interested in attending. You can head over to this post on our Instagram page to leave a comment, tag your friends, spread the word, ask questions...and if you'd like to attend you can RSVP there via DM...or you can email us at and we'd be happy to answer any questions or add you to the list!