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Wilt designer and expert draper, Roxanne Heptner, founded Wilt in 2009. She mixes clean-lined and flattering silhouettes in high quality materials with her signature twist of asymmetric seaming and uneven hemlines to give each garment a modern, casual and unique aesthetic...a soft, lived-in alternative to what she felt was not being offered in the market. Classically trained in pattern making and draping, Roxanne is on a mission to create a line of beautifully shaped, uncomplicated tees.

"Since the beginning, we’ve drawn inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi...a beauty of things imperfect, unfinished and evolving."

Wilt garments are made with a tailor’s attention to detail. Every garment is draped on the body to get fit and fold. Feel free to machine wash and tumble dry...these garments will not shrink or loose their original shape.