+  Rundholz


At the start of the 90s, when others in their mid-20s were jobbing in cafés, husband and wife team Lenka and Carsten Rundholz were already planning their first collection. For Lenka, who started as a display and visual presentation artist, it was all about “being well dressed, simply and independently”. For Carsten, a former graphic designer, it was about the challenge of creating a look his wife would love to wear.

Since the creation of the first collection in 1993 the label has stood for a casual yet imaginative aesthetic that features creative detailing in everyday fabrics and serves to emphasize the style and individuality of the wearer. Characterized by their imaginative ideas in draping and cutting, Rundholz Black Label is designed for the individual who does not need to conform, who is not swayed by short-lived trends, and who invests in these wearable works of art knowing that they will stand the test of time.