+  Matta

photo credit: Todd Selby

The fresh yet timeless collections from Italian-born Matta founder and designer Cristina Gitti...a lifelong traveling gypsy, collector, and woman of many talents...always mix age-old handmade techniques with rich textiles and varied textures, providing the perfect combination of simple style and endless possibilities. Matta (which means “mother” in Hindi and “crazy” in Italian) is a physical manifestation of Gitti’s eclectic interest in collecting and India is clearly an important influence in her work.

"My first trip to India was in 1995, and it was intoxicating! I couldn't sleep because I was overwhelmed and restless. I remember spending the nights with my eyes wide open, thinking of what I experienced during the day, making drawings in the dark, listening to unknown noises and smelling new perfumes.  

Collections grow as I find new inspirations and new ways to express them. My travels, books, pictures, swatches, drawings...ideas come from anything and everywhere, and curiosity feeds them...and then they become something on the loom or on the printing table. There are always surprises, lucky finds and some mistakes, and I love to improvise. Overall, my visits to India and to my very skilled artisans are possibly the most important step in the whole process, because it is the only time I can fully concentrate on the creative part of the process and working with them is an interesting and challenging project.

I like to revive fashion techniques I sometimes come across in markets or old shops that have been temporarily dormant, but still survive after thousands of years. This is what is really fascinating about India: the feeling that this amazing textile universe has been around for so long and still has a market. I like to translate this sense of history and tradition while experimenting with more contemporary patterns and color schemes. I think this is the heart of Matta and my work."