+  Hannoh


Hannoh was founded in 1994 by Paris-based designer Hannoh Wessel. Seeking to turn down the rhythm, curb consumerist compulsions and counter the caprices of fashion, the Hannoh collection pays tribute to paced, sustainable fashion.

His unique, timeless garments are manufactured in a small factory in Northern Italy emphasizing the use of artisinally woven and dyed natural fibers; linens, cottons, tweeds, cashmere, wool and silk. The desire is to convey the emotional strength of the past, to make time and experience into something tangible and material...to design garments that tell stories. Details are drawn from workwear and military uniforming; buttoning, pockets, cinches and belting are thoughtfully arranged; and patterns are limited to stripes and checks. The approach can be simply summarized as “produce less, produce better” or, from the other end of the chain, “consume less, wear better.”