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Bellocq’s founders, Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon and Scott Stewart joined creative forces with a desire to collaborate on a shared aesthetic vision that captures their appreciation of traditional artisan work and a love of fine tea. As a result of their commitment to quality products and traditional craft, they travel to far flung locations in search of traditional techniques to integrate into Bellocq’s modern expression, producing award-winning handcrafted blends that unite the finest traditional teas with a modern, adventurous spirit.

“Tea is an affordable, everyday luxury,” says Heidi, a former editor, stylist and columnist. “Our teas suit the needs and desires of the modern well traveled client. Scent and flavor not only bring back forgotten emotions and memories, but envelopes one in the present and influences mood.”

Michael Shannon honed his skills in the world of product design and is well versed in the decorative arts. “The craftsmanship of tea is an art-form in itself. The growing, handling and firing of the leaves requires great skill and sensitivity.”

Also hailing from a creative foundation, Scott Stewart states, “There is always a choice to be made and we have committed ourselves to working with responsible gardens and merchants and to search for the finest and highest quality teas. Bellocq is also committed to preserving traditional craft techniques and the communities in which they thrive, our relationships are not just about the best products, but also about the right process."