+  Pigeon Toe Ceramics

photo credit: Nicole Franzen

After settling, in first grade, on art as her life’s focus designer Lisa Jones spent her adolescence exploring mediums as diverse as painting and video installation before settling into product design with the founding of Pigeon Toe in 2009. With an aversion to the excess of mass-produced goods, Lisa formed Pigeon Toe with a vision to create uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate and celebrate the extensive history of handcrafts.

The seven thousand square foot production studio, located in the waterfront industrial neighborhood of North Portland, also contains a design studio, showroom and lighting production space, along with a collective of other Portland makers invited to share the workspace.

"When I leased this building two years ago, it was an empty cavernous old warehouse. Since then, I’ve filled it with inspiring friends and designers to work alongside. I wouldn’t trade the sense of community for anything. We dubbed it the Makery, and it’s now evolving into not just studio space for ten brands and artists, but a center for learning and collaboration."

Pigeon Toe's aspiration is simple: to design unique objects that provide everyday beauty. Each piece is made with skilled hands to be naturally imperfect and casually charming. The results are objects that appear discovered, rather than acquired.