+  Palorosa Project

photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Palorosa Project was founded by Cecilia Pirani, an architect and design consultant based in Milan and Guatemala City, who merges her experience in interior design and landscape architecture with her passion for object curation and design. The name Palorosa derives from the Tabebuia Rosea tree, also called 'Palo de rosa', native to Central America and characterized by a gray-brown bark and vivid blooming of large pink flowers that occurs mainly in dry periods.

Through the exploration of utilitarian objects and materials, and the discovery of the processes behind the making of these objects, Palorosa Project looks to repurpose these items through the use of innovative materials, colors and shapes...and evolving from there, to promote good design and high quality craft.

"We believe in ordinary and extraordinary things from distant places for urban use. We love everyday objects."

Beginning with a series of tote bags inspired by Guatemala City and the country's landscape, the first result is a line of high quality woven totes, handmade in Guatemala by local artisans using recycled plastic, with a subtle and contemporary palette of color combinations that are both simple and sophisticated.