+  Matt + Nat


From the very start, for founder Inder Bendi, the idea behind Matt + Nat (MATERIAL + NATURE) was to experiment with bag shapes with only one simple ground rule: no leather. And a mandate to use eco/recycled/upcycled materials wherever possible.

"At Matt & Nat, we live by a simple motto, Live beautifully. Living beautifully means appreciating the humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us. Our collections are all designed by our close-knit team in Montreal, Quebec. We develop prototypes and collections based on our sketches, using our signature vegan leathers and using eco-friendly materials like recycled nylon, cork and rubber. The bags are then produced in China, in small factories we’ve had long-standing relationships with. We only collaborate with factories that are in line with our ethos and verify regularly our operations are up to standards. We make sure the factories we work with qualify for the SA8000 standard certification."

"We strive to design timeless and durable styles. Each season, several quality control tests are performed on all new styles. We also appropriate these styles and test them in our daily lives. By doing this, we test the wear and tear of our materials and make sure that our bags are as functional and resistant as they are fashionable. The designs are well thought out and meant to be practical. Furthermore, thanks to their durability and strength, our bags can last a very long time and, hence, are sustainable products."