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even the boxes are beautiful...

The work of Masanori Oji, one of Japan's most prominent designers, is simplified down to the bare essentials...designed to fit comfortably into everyday life, to be truly functional yet vanish into the background...what he calls "living products". Even the packaging and graphics, also designed by Oji, are a subtle masterpiece of minimal beauty!

galaxy brass trivet

Born in 1974 in Hiroshima Prefecture and originally trained in architecture, Oji eventually transitioned to product design, opening his own studio in 2004. Interested in designing a brass bottle opener, Oji set out to learn about brass casting.

sun brass trivet (this item is no longer available)

Futagami, established in 1897, has been hand making brass, bronze, and tin products for over a century in Toyama-Takaoka City. After attending a workshop taught by the president of Futagami, Oji proposed to design a unique line of livingware for Futagami and thus their collaboration was set in motion.

crescent bottle opener (this item is no longer available)

In 2009, Futagami released a series of celestially-inspired brass bottle openers and trivets designed by Masanori Oji. These beautifully stylized shapes of the galaxy, the sun, and the moon, invoke both modern and antique flavors in polished and textured cast brass.

eclipse bottle opener

The finish of these handsome pieces will gradually oxidize over time, gracing your home for many years to come with their natural beauty.

photo from Dinner with Oji Masanori via Kitka Design