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 photo credit: Carissa Gallo   

photo credit: Carissa Gallo


Transplants from Virginia Beach and Vancouver respectively, Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson met more than ten years ago as fashion design interns and instantly bonded over their shared loved of antique textiles. In 2009, Cary and Jenna set out to create a seasonless women’s collection from one fabrication: their own yarn-dyed, woven fabric. They wanted to create timeless garments from their own textile designs, as interesting in texture as in color and pattern...effortless clothing that could be worn in many ways, for many years. While they’re inspired by global traditions as far-ranging as Africa and Japan, India is at the center of their love story.

“We knew from the start that the process needed to have the right heart and soul. The beauty and culture of India permeates everything we do. We believe in textile stories, and each of our custom fabrics has its own one to tell. At the start of each new season, we sit down with our most exciting finds — from feedsack bags of antique french linen to Japanese boro quilts — and begin to create our own woven story."

Ethically made by experienced fair-practice textile weavers and dyers in India, the brand's custom textiles are hand-woven on ancient wooden hand looms. Several times a year the duo travels to India to work one-on-one with the weavers and to create their authentic fabrics.

"Our Indian partners share our core values and practice the holistic kaizen philosophy of continuing to improve. Not only do they provide free childcare, but they also use reclaimed water to grown organic produce for their employees."

Ace + Jig is based in Brooklyn, New York, and Portland, Oregon.